Saturday morning exercise

March 19, 2021by Samuel Windura

In the midst of this pandemic, we organize a mini 30-minute weekly exercise on Saturdays for our team to boost their immune system and stay healthy. Being active plays an important role in one’s health, as it eases muscle strain, relieve mental tension and improve blood circulation. Sun bathing also boosts the immune system, which is why our morning exercises takes place in the morning.

Exercising, aside from help fight diseases, also help ease depression, stress, and anxiety. Through exercising, we support our team to have positive minds while on or off work.

“I’m grateful for the weekly exercise – it keeps me healthy. I also don’t have time to exercise when I’m off work so this pushes me to spare time and exercise..”

We take all necessary measures to ensure our team stays healthy and safe. It is important every employee at AJMet feels safe, secure and protected working here.


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