Alumunium Wire ?

We are Produced Alumunium Wire. Alumunium wire are mainly used to vacuum metalize various types of Palstic Film and Paper products as well as for welding purposes, fencing, Food Package clips and other related Product

How We Work

Imported Alumunium ROwd Wire inlarge reels. The Drawing Process is done locally under a firm quality control to achieve fine temper, accurate wire diameter, smooth and bright surface, and to ensure the products are clean and free from all lubricants. The Wires then were Packed into smaller coils and bobbins according to the customer’s requirements.Each Coils and bobbin is wrapped with plastics and packed individually in carton to avoid any possibility of corrosion

Coiling Product


coiling machine to make aluminum in the form of heavy rolls per coilnya about 25 kg until 26 kg

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Bobbins Product


spooling machine was made ??of aluminum which supply its inclusion in bobbin that has a variety of types, ranging from 4 kg until 11.7 kg

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